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39 kinds of food implement QS standard with plastic products
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On June 1 " is restricted before your " carries out model formally, another important step related to plastic products had begun to be carried out formally from this year. This is 39 kinds of food such as box of one-time plastic eat executed manufacturing system of licensing with plastic products, namely QS(quality is safe) market admittance system.

"No matter be ' be restricted model makes ' plastic still level of shopping bag state, the business that can carry QS can achieve a requirement commonly, this also is a batch of industries that concern needs least of all in whole industry at present. "Dong Jinshi says. As we have learned, manufacturing food has many 3700 probably with the company throughout the country of the plastic products that pack. But among them the small company small mill under 10 people occupies 1/3 left and right sides probably. Still allow to sell the product that did not paste QS mark on market at present. Expert proposal: When consumer is bought, had better choose mark having QS, without the product that QS indicates, can differentiate with a few simple him way. For example, eligible one-time eat box is bright and clean degree, strength is better, the hand is ripped not sodden, without peculiar smell; Last commonly usedly in the home film, ignite eligibly with fire meet downward dribble, smoke is not big, often ignite not easily inferiorly, without the phenomenon of dribble, smoke will be very big.

It is reported, in the national level that carries out since June 1, ask direct contact food is plastic technically shopping bag should mark has " food to use " model of written characters. According to national regulation, "Food uses " plastic shopping bag still needs system of QS market admittance. "This is going up objectively can normative to arriving since the industry action, also quickened whole industry shuffle. "Dong Jinshi says.

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