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Health food of 15 medicines and chemical reagents violates Chongqing exposure ad
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Recently, supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of Chongqing city food is released 2008 the 2nd period break the law issue announcement of advertisement of health food of medicines and chemical reagents, exposure hydrochloric acid Xibuquming capsule (Qu Mei) , Yang Qianlie of Hong Kong emperor is stuck, 15 illegal medicines and chemical reagents such as grand cogongrass medicinal liquor, health care tastes advertisement.

In recent years, superintendency branch again and again exposure violates advertisement of issuance health food of medicines and chemical reagents. These illegal advertising basically are behaved to forge lot number, change lot number, wanton distort or enlarge product suitable scope, taste health care function suggestion is drug effect, and ceaselessly the name with character of patient, public, expert makes be stared at revulsive, hook in, closely to consumer, threaten, deceit. Issue order for advertisement of normative medicines and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and instruments, health food, concerned branch already was released " Pharmaceutical Affairs Law " , " medical apparatus and instruments monitors regulation " , " health food advertisement examines provisional regulation " wait for legal laws and regulations to set, strengthen advertising of medicines and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and instruments, health food to control government, severe blow breaks the law release action of ad of medicines and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and instruments, health food, carry out administrative coercive measures to violating advertisement medicines and chemical reagents badly.

Current, medicines and chemical reagents of food of many provinces city supervised management department to also develop activity of ad of punish medicines and chemical reagents, health food, medical treatment according to concerning a provision, increased strength of illegal advertising exposure.

Illegal advertisement

Drug of indicative promulgator name is produced in product name advertisement (manage) print of date of article of approval of company name advertisement sows agency name print to sow time to violate a reason

Hydrochloric acid Xibuquming capsule (Qu Mei) too extremely group too extremely the group is not indicative Chongqing morning paper 2008. 23/3. Disobey prohibit releasing advertisement in public agency

The intense before Hong Kong emperor is in relief sticks not indicative Heilongjiang limited company of development of trade of work of hundred years family is not indicative Chongqing morning paper 2008. 23/3. Health care is tasted pretend to be medicines and chemical reagents, false conduct propaganda

Grand cogongrass medicinal liquor is not indicative industry of drug of cogongrass of Inner Mongolia grand limited company is not indicative channel of science and education of Chongqing TV station 2008. Distorted in April advertisement examines and approve content

Capsule of pink of bacterium of aurelian Chinese caterpillar fungus is not indicative and northeast branch of pharmacy of Inc. of tiger drug industry is not indicative frequency of economy of broadcasting station of Chongqing people broadcast 2008.4 months. Distort examine and approve content
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