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Contribution of disaster area of earthquake of Xiang Wenchuan of Lu Hua group 3.
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On May 12, sichuan saves county of plain of short of Wenshui River and circumjacent area to produce 7.8 class earthquake, the situation of a disaster affects the heart of faculty of Lu Hua group. In what get an information for a short while, lu Hua group starts social responsibility and commonweal aid lash-up quickly beforehand case, established firm earthquake relief work to run leader group, group company general manager Cheng is firm personally assume leadership, the relieve the people in disaster that separates factory and branch to group company subordinate instantly assists an activity to make deploy and arrangement.

As we have learned, on May 12, after Sichuan saves county of plain of short of Wenshui River to produce 7.8 class earthquake, lu Hua group starts aid of close emergency treatment quickly beforehand case, start cadre employee to undertake for a short while " affection is disaster area love contributory " activity. The branch, cadre stuff that separates a factory is participated in in succession, help sb generously with money. Illicit of company staff week Comrade Yang contribution 1000 yuan, branch employee Liu changes leopard comrade contribution 800 yuan, although the sales promotion personnel of the branch is not the formal employee of the company, they come in the activity that actively enlists a company as much, sales promotion member outstanding comrade contributed 500 yuan. Such example still have a lot of a lot of... to May 16 afternoon at 4 o'clock, contribution of accumulative total of employee of cadre of Lu Hua group 780 thousand yuan, at the same time capital of group company urgent allocate and transfer regards relieve the people in disaster as 3 million yuan money, contributory and stricken be hit by a natural adversity area. When ending to distribute news dispatches to the reporter, love of Lu Hua group is contributory first capital total of mobile institute part 3.78 million yuan, already sent toward disaster area through branch of local civil administration. Current, the cadre employee of group company is paying close attention to disaster area circumstance cheek by jowl, love is contributory activity still afoot.    

Heart of Lu Hua company fastens a society, since the company holds water, can put love on every year contribution to the society. Before the overall situation that faces national people, lu Hua always stands bravely. By 2007, south saves the heavy snow calamity that experience does not encounter 50 years each, the value that Lu Hua presents to help disaster area masses rebuild 500 thousand yuan peanut oil carries smoothly already amount to disaster area.

The first month of son's eldest son of director of Lu Hua group expresses completely, lu Hua regards a company of a nation, nation as the brand, hour and motherland breathe together in all destiny. Earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River brings serious disaster to local people, lu Hua's person is extremely worried, through love contributory boost seismic disaster area, use up the greatest ability to restore to produce the contribution that makes us at an early date for disaster area people. Lu Hua group will pay close attention to disaster area circumstance closely, through all sorts of means masses of help disaster area spends difficulty smoothly, rebuild good home.
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