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Exhibition of food of Bohai Sea of annulus of 2008 China International makes int
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Holding to " potential of development food market, found brand of high grade culture " tenet, the exhibition of food of Bohai Sea of annulus of 2008 China International that industry expects will in June 24, in Chinese · 26 days power sea international exhibits a center to be held ceremoniously. Current exhibit can advocate food safety environment, guide green to consume tide, hurried has communication of course of study, strive to make international " green " aircraft carrier, the raw material business that is broad food industry, production business, treatment and the enterprise that pack and compose builds the trafficker intermediate to have authority most, scale is the largest, the most effective commerce and information platform.
As the rise and consumes an idea change of standard of living, and what environmental pollution and resource destroy a problem is increasingly austere, the green food of the free from contamination that is helpful for people health, safe, high grade nutrition already became fashion, more and more get the favour of people. Development green food already had deep market to consume a foundation. Data of green food sale shows, the degree of belief that people supplies to groovy food shows world each country downtrend, and the raises speed to had grown than supplying rate to green food demand is rapid. Japan has the consumer of 91.6% to be interested in organic vegetable, the American of 77% and of 40% European like green food.
In Chinese home market, green food also is welcomed extensively, green food satisfied the need of people opposite vivid transition. To Beijing Shanghai about the branch two cities investigation makes clear, the consumer would rather of 79%-84% spends high price, also be willing to buy green food. Forecast according to authoritative orgnaization, the consumptive demand of countrywide green food and profit will with annual the rate of 20% rises.
The driving development impetus of industry of food of domestic and international green and ardent demand are exhibition of food of Bohai Sea of annulus of 2008 China International hold provided favorable external environment.
Exhibition of food of Bohai Sea of annulus of 2008 China International is sponsorred jointly by group of industry of food of government of people of power sea city, China, got the your kind effort of authoritative orgnaization supports the industry provision such as Chinese food association, Korea food association and Japanese food association, discuss the innovation of food industry, confluence and development jointly, announce the industry is newest development is dynamic. Exhibit meeting assemble the most high grade green, recreational food, health food and convenient food, reach what the earth satisfied global market to need; The agency that organized global best show, agent, purchase business to attend the meeting attend. Exhibit business to be able to communicate with industry tycoon spot, obtain more order and negotiate opportunity. Exhibit the governmental resource that can have high end not only, and possess the information with more food the most overall industry, exhibit business to be able to take the advantage of this opportunity to understand more international standards and the tendency that food develops, hold international market trends better, conform with the international market, be helpful for taking door going abroad for more enterprises, trend international provides a very good platform, market of implementation China food and world market grow jointly, progress jointly, flourish jointly! Make international food exhibition jointly " green " aircraft carrier!
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