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Guangdong will publish provision level drinking water bucket standard
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Guangdong saves Luo Tan of chairman of guild of bottled drinking water to was in a few days ago said on forum of height of drinking water industry 2008, this association already published Guangdong to save provision level drinkable pail draft standard, plan to unite the PC bucket that uses polycarbonate data, with the standard the market of drinking water bucket with at present uneven quality.

Luo Tan says, home is at present bottled the pail standard of water still the century on continue to use 90 time occupation standard, not with show industry of level home water to develop synchronism, provision of wh some of which already did not follow to go up development demand. The standard that company of a few water returns him basis is custom-built pail, cause pail quality quality of service of whole of industry of uneven, water is not high, water to consumer even safety constitutes menace.

Luo Tan expresses, according to the standard of international and country, the bucket that pack must use the polycarbonate PC bucket of provision level, bucket standard wants the drinking water of level of Guangdong province provision that is about to come on stage namely from pail this link proceed with, provide healthy drinking water for consumer.

Guangdong saves guild of bottled drinking water to came to spread out product quality inspection in May in April this year, organized Guangdong again subsequently machinery of form a complete set of bottled drinking water, pack, the product certification such as catharsis disinfection, cognizance activity. Came this year in July in August, this association still will save many 800 to Guangdong " be at ease water inn " and be awarded " be at ease water produces base " the enterprise has assessment, examination, make market of Guangdong drinking water more normative.

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