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A special skill of the wing that bake, get run big market of 08 meal barbecue
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Bake wing a special skill 8 years to depend on exceed strong public praise and Beijing headquarters to run ability formidably, had opened China most big talk of Na Duancheng city, and be in most the Harbin that north carries, a special skill of the wing that bake over there joins in inn boss is doing same business, the delicate arrange that passes barbecue of a special skill of the wing that bake, medicinal food, pot-stewed fowl lets consumer cannot help doing sth, let oneself get rich and generous profit. And from south the fixed position that need not worry about each other to boreal investor, because Beijing bakes wing a special skill (Www.soko168.com) had made assurance for them, they enjoy the area protectionism that headquarters offers, in ability opens the 2nd store beyond 1.5 kilometers. So a special skill of the wing that bake of countrywide each district joins in inn is mutually beneficial mutual benefit, the comrade-in-arms of brand of collective hold together concerns.
In big talk inn of alliance of a special skill of the wing that bake mies wife wave is moved, 3 home, sweethearts dines together, friend gam these consume main force Dou Muming and come, and the person that join in from headquarters the poster of that bum, placard, POP, glass is stuck, Dou Zailiang of all the time gives the practice articles for use such as card of bosom of condole banner, balloon, counterjumper, honoured guest card its bright identity. A special skill of the Beijing wing that bake joins in chain store, brand show strength is so bright eye, because enjoy tremendous beauty as,be praise spent barbecue interlinks meal brand, a special skill of the wing that bake surprises to achieve a characteristic public praise absolutely with burden, its arrange not only old on barbecue burden write an essay, use a variety of 20 Chinese herbal medicine to reach a variety of 20 flavoring to craft is developed meticulously and be become via extraction of newest low temperature, return elite of inheritance China medicinal food, original creation gives characteristic bittern material, flavour is full-bodied, colour and lustre is sterling, appear flavour to the marrow, in the makings that bake and bittern makings double retype makes the barbecue series below by media praise bake wing a special skill for China, become the cate new overlord of barbecue bound.
To assure the position of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of him barbecue arrange, a special skill of the wing that bake resembles Mcdonald's, Kendeji same, detail of burden of defend to the last, secret makes burden unite deserve to send by company headquarters, deserve to send a center to accept each district to join in only inn him boss personally next sheet order goods, the boss controls core forever. Whole technological process executes standardization, quantify management, not only chef flow is cloggy be less than boss business, the most important is a special skill of the Beijing wing that bake cannot be imitated, and ego can duplicate successfully ceaselessly however, its unified figure, unified product, unified taste, centralized management is in the whole nation succeeds ceaselessly duplicate, the shop figure of extremely rich glamour and ad strategy promote further famous degree, achieve brand sensation. Especially the equipment of barbecue of healthy infrared ray of domestic initiate, do not have bright fire without bright smoke, embed so join in configuration is just as inside business door shop exclusive kernel, need not the shop figure of flowery, the charcoal of clean standard bakes an operation to be like stand erect in irregular change world lasting and changeless vane, insert Chinese each district, witnessed barbecue of a special skill of the wing that bake to interlink health healthful feed newly still. Bake headquarters of Beijing of wing a special skill 8 years investment is huge endowment undertake figure is publicized, arrive from plane network, nowhere is absent, this is the linchpin that builds consumer and sale of investor public praise, no matter where walk along, want to see the shop sign of a special skill of the wing that bake only, have the whole nation's unified taste and impression of clean healthful repast, effect of guaranty card chain gives join in business door brings actual economic benefits.
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