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Canal of look forward to is critically: Management canal accuses, need radically
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Recently, southern on the weekend " gumshoe header challenges corrupt boss Li Dalun, conscience of official circles of city of Chen be weighinged " with xinhua net " public security director is justice and corrupt official boss to dry " wait for a report with " big case of Hunan Chen state " relevant, the profundity that caused a lot of expert scholars and social community to run system to active government thinks over.
We see, china is contemporary and highest leader and administration to " case of Hunan Chen state " and " case of Shanghai social security " ironhanded investigate, reflected authorities to attack corrupt resolution, social fairness and justice get grand raise. It is under this setting, 2007 " two meetings " in the focal problem of place discussion, delegate of more National People's Congress dares to offer sharp social issue and solution.
Social government and business management exist originally duplicate sex, and it is in this Chinese big environment, "Government-owned standard consciousness " be current, attainder is mixed to depress by the tie all the time, the society is called " honest and upright official " occurrence sound still grumous, everybody is used to will hoping to place go up in body of honest and upright official, is not the effort in oneself and mechanism change construction to go up.
Accordingly, chinese management can catch the characteristic of Chinese culture inevitably. In fact, in running practice, all sorts of society phenomena and rule, often with the enterprise be interlinked, each other can arrive influence, permeate each other.
Of course, the person that regard Chinese business management as investigator, the focus that we pay close attention to depends on: How to teach a lesson from derive of incident of this kind of great society, deepen what tube of industry of the state-owend enterprise in be opposite with sublimate accuses to think with analyse.
One, " government-owned lord consciousness " VS " serve consciousness "
No less than what what we see in case of Hunan Chen state is same, basis " constitution of People's Republic of China " set with relevant law, governmental official should be officeholder, the country is maintained in collection taxes while the orgnaization moves and public facilities is built, officeholder should provide excellent service for the citizen on behalf of the government.
But, we can see from the article caption of media reporter, "Official circles " one word has been applied extensively, have " official circles " existence, inevitable meeting has " bureaucratic " generation. The legal tie that if be mixed without corresponding mechanism monitoring,reachs the designated position and make judge, "Bureaucratic " the public right that can depend on the hold in the hand possibly again like that overrides on the citizen, those " corrupt official " can make full use of functionary influence and powers and authorities of office are active socially " search hire " , expedience of seek a huge sum, muddy forgot his influence to come from where like that, also forgot influence to should be used what to do.
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