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The 3 big dialecticses of small profit period
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Buyer's market has 3 big features: Overproduction: Merchandise keep long in stock, the disappear of the market is less than the productivity of the enterprise painfully; Market saturation: You are gone to again commodity of li of a place of strategic importance, resemble saturated solution same, the solute that enters is impossible to be dissolved, unless come again some of dissolvent just go; The product is coessential: Quality, function, channel, sale same, consumer looks dazzlingly, do not know to who should buy. At this moment, each enterprise raises price butcher's knife, dive in succession fight closely, wary that smaller than bit gain also does not grab a hand. This is the age the Warring States of small profit period.

How does the industry survive in period of this small profit develop? International 10 groom greatly the first CS of division, China (the client is satisfactory) manage run expert Professor Yan Shihua to say the enterprise wants to master 3 big dialecticses to just go.

Small profit period, did not have the trace of one night upstart, more be draw a circle to oneself according to 28 law first, encircle from this start, walk firm each pace, go before work steadily ground, pick the aromatic fruit that takes distance to belong to his.

Little it is much -- do not hit mahjong

Chinese enterprise has an idea that plays mahjong, call size sweep the deck, who comes is a guest, that is wrong. Be in early summary of Italian economist Pareto went out 1897 " 28 law " . He thinks, in a group of any things, the most important occupy only among them one fraction namely 20% , the others of 80% although be most, it is less important however. This one law passes a many century examine, it is correct.

So in the market, your product or service sell all people impossibly also, only the client of 20% belongs to you here, you should take out the energy of 80% to seek this client of 20% , next the demand that you take the service of 80% to satisfy this customer of 20% , this client of 20% will bring the profit of 80% to you finally.

A lot of successful companies pursue this one law from beginning to end: The cause client of Mcdonald's is adolescent only is not everybody, the money that earn is not little also, took the world 500 strong; Famous Mai Delong also sells a membership his goods only -- the legal person such as group of small business, shopkeeper, cafeteria, office and government sector, and rather than is common consumer, earn also is be elated. Watch the company of those size sweep the deck instead, have a few gain money, the heart tells everybody abdomen bright.

Xiao it is big -- cannot have fat person readily

A lot of enterprises are infatuated with at short-term fulminant opportunity, longing becomes famous overnight, stun the whole world. Develop period in high speed especially, ambitious, give out " 10 years and even bound of one's life experience of 20 years of ascend 500 strong " character of a person of extraordinary powers, as a result seeks rate blindly, one-sided enlarge is large-scale. Its often are investment as a result too big, indebted rate is exorbitant, capital catenary ruptures, cause a company ruined or cannot recover after a setback.
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