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Want to last, be about to have belief
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What belief needs whole process is durative with stability, fall in the premise that maintains stability, undertake updating mixing promoting according to environmental change
Company belief and continuously development
"I am certain, an any industries survive for seek and get a success, must have a perfect and reliable belief, go up in this foundation, offer program of all sorts of oneself strategy and each action. I think, a most crucial factor in the course that gets a success in the enterprise is, scrupulously abide by these belief from beginning to end. " the deep body of small Thoms Watson knows IBM president the collective acknowledge that represented prominent firm to develop continuously to company belief and enterprise.
Manage the academia more and more an idea of self-identity: No matter be strategic transition or constituent framework,adjust, no matter overall quality management or manpower resource manage, almost all organization changes to be relied on collective, clear belief and culture system. Such system is mixed to management change offerred strong momentum to prop up, improving an organization effectively to run efficiency; The member that at the same time organization and group are woven also wins the value get one's own back that develops continuously accordingly, make existing organization member more sturdy thereby system of ground hold together, and impart ceaselessly give the new member that affiliation group is woven, then becomes a kind of sturdy company belief. Of course, temporarily success cannot fashion sturdy company belief.
This shows, the company is devotional more develop relevant couplet with the abidance of the company. On one hand, difficulty of company ceaseless victory, obtain outstanding achievement test and verify devotional; On the other hand, because travel of employee carry out is devotional and make the company wins outstanding achievement get one's own back continuously.
Belief is based on core value. Reforming and opening 20 old, economic progress of China gained the success that fix eyes upon, meanwhile, the valuation standard of society, organization and individual also produced very big change, the most apparent show is value is multivariate understanding, mutation understanding and confused understanding. Judge the standard with thing clear neither one, basic value and moral bottom line are broken through. Of value multivariate be in rich company with the disorder culture while also hurting industry health, bring new difficulty to business management. Experience the China that 20 old profundity change so, begin progressively attention whole " the society is basic value " regression, the is a kind of basic belief regression that our for the moment weighs hopefully. Be in namely keep multivariate value rich and colorful while, return to the basic level of core value. And " value is returned to " the action is the earliest, most effectual, just is China a few have an insight into first the preeminent company of machine. Sincere letter, faithful, responsibility, actual effect, result oriented, standard, person this, group, change innovation waits value orientaton a moment, become the law of the operation management of numerous and preeminent company. And the original intention that these company devotional compose build, just is the reflection that is based on a special guileless: How can just obtain last, long-term, the economic performance that is worth at high price.
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