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Eat Jiang Sheng to join soup to eat ginger to surpass arsenic in the evening in
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The ancients has " take a surname in the morning, surpass ginseng soup; Take a surname in the evening, arsenic of be better than " view, means says to take a surname in the morning beneficial, take a surname in the evening harmful. Dispute of this one view often accords with the way to keep in good health.
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, ginger but vomit of lukewarm break down, induce sweat comes loose cold. Contemporary pharmacodynamics considers to think, plant alexin also is contained in ginger, its are antiseptic action no less than green and garlic. The ginger hot element in ginger can stimulate gastric juice to secrete, have stimulative digestive effect; Still contain more naphtha among them, can restrain the human body absorption to cholesterol, prevent the save up of liver and serum cholesterol.

So, why should the time that takes a surname choose to be in in the morning? The person is in early morning when, the gas in the stomach remains to rise hair, ginger taking a place is OK be good at lienal lukewarm stomach, the assimilation that is the food in a day is absorbed had done " matting " . And the naphtha in ginger can accelerate haemal circulation, excited nerve, make become warm all over. In the morning of wintry day, take bit of a surname appropriately, still can break up cold, precaution catchs a cold. Arrived in the evening, human body should be astringent of in relief gas, shade fill outside gas, because this should eat the food that clear heat, disappear leaving energy of life eats more, such more benefit at nightly rest, if the turnip is right choice. And action of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics can affect the Xinwen of ginger to rest people is nightlily normally, and the ginger that eats Xin Wen in the evening is heated up inside very easy still generation, with the passing of time appears " suffer from excessive internal heat " symptom. Say its resemble " arsenic " some hyperbole, but really right healthy and adverse.

The kind that has ginger in the morning has a lot of, can boil Jiang Shang, in also can use candy souse and be fed or be being put in dish, fry feed. Here, special recommend two kinds to eat a method to everybody, can choose according to need. The first, jiang Pian contains since morning: After getting up in the morning everyday, first drink a cup of boiled water, blow ginger flay next, slice, take 4, 5 are put into the bowl that contains boiled water to be ironed, put Jiang Pian in the mouth to contain next 10, 30 minutes, chew slowly, do not swallow. Hold to edible, have profit greatly to preventing a cold. The 2nd, drink boiling water of ginger big jujube. Daily early morning takes big jujube 10, ginger 5, brown sugar is right amount, drink of decoct soup acting tea, daily 1, suit winter hands or feet to send cool friend edible particularly.

Those who need a specification is, ginger sex is belonged to lukewarm, excessive edible can hurt Yin Zhuyang, the person of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability is so unfavorable eat more. Special remind everybody, must not the ginger with cankered edible, contain element of toxic substance yellow camphor tree among them, can cause cancer of cancer of the liver, esophagus to wait.
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