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Boiling water of bean curd milk 3 days fast smooth abdomen
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"Milk of bean curd + " can you reduce weight? This is true, and very tall nutrition is contained in this different food, as long as edible method is proper can have thin body effectiveness.
Principle reducing weight:
Bean curd piece -- bean curd contains many plant sex protein, eat into abdomen easy full classics is hungry, it is the food reducing weight with great advantage. Eat bean curd to have full abdomen feeling easily, and microelement abounds the plant sex that bean curd contains extremely, conduce to eduction redundant moisture, improve digestive function, what be aimed at abdomen especially is adipose especially effective. Bai Tai straps American star Yi Lisha to ever relied on to have bean curd success reducing weight.
Milk piece -- want to score the gain that drinks a grandma to reduce weight, be about to control total energy, drinking a milk more while reduce other alimental intake accordingly, especially the food with those nutrient value are low and fast heat energy, be like sweet beverage, desert, candied, Peng digests and so on of cool skin of food, bean jelly and tall grease food, reduce dinner staple food appropriately, in order to assure the balance of gross. If the milk is drunk before the occasional eat of two eat, can help human body reduce appetite, lunch and dinner food are measured nevertheless. If the body overweights or fat, the milk is drunk before do not advocate meal hind or sleeping.
The boiling water of bean curd milk of optimal collocation
It is the food with the very high volume that contain calcium, make sure 1000 milligram are absorbed calcicly everyday, often be in benignantly to maintaining figure dispute.
Soup of milk bean curd is specific thin body method is as follows
Bean curd 200 grams, milk a few of 200 milliliter, salt, candy a few of 1 spoon, chopped green onion, gourmet powder.
In resembling doing soup of common bean curd to put bean curd in milk in that way, boil (a few water is added in milk, prevent to do boiler) , after waiting for boiling, him according to taste joins dressing can edible. Do not need other food when reducing weight with this menu, this Shang Ke arrives with eating full till.
Take time: The first day can drink boiling water of bean curd milk only, from begin to join cucumber the following day or the fruit such as tomato is vegetable, add the fiber content of might, quicken metabolism, at this moment your clear sense is alvine a lot of smoother, general the 3rd day you are OK thin 1, 2 kilograms, have flatly abdomen!
Small remind: When reducing weight with bean curd milk, the food quantity of heat that must notice to absorb everyday cannot under 1 1000 kilocalorie. Cause heart blood-vessel disease easily otherwise, you can see according to as usual the content of quantity of heat of food is calculated.

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