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"Children nutrition food " unlikelihood nutrition 3 eat are balanced most import
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Recently, nutrition of Chinese precaution academy of medical sciences and food sanitation institute release to examine result: Have to 114 designation " children nutrition food " the product examines discovery, among them 1 / the provision of 3 is basic nonnutritively composition, the food of 3 has 1 / nutrient composition but the index that fails to achieve label designation. For a short while, "Children nutrition food " the attention that caused a lot of citizens. The reporter discovers in interview, face the variety in supermarket, drugstore various " children nutrition food " , most citizen not " cold " , the nutrition that thinks 3 eat are balanced one day is most important, again good nutrition food also cannot replace food crops food grains other than wheat and rice.
Mr Jiang thinks, of children nutrition absorb must give priority to with a day of 3 eat, nutrient food has additional effect only. Mr Jiang takes the daughter's breakfast seriously particularly, it is milk normally add vegetable protein pink or be black sesame seed, plus half bowls of white congee, biscuit or egg. Everyday the fruit before eat, prandial food fish must eat, cannot feed in order to carry. Mr Jiang thinks, the body has nature adjustment capacity, should not intervene overly. Many food are hit " nutrition " banner, it is to attract consumer to buy. Actually, nutrient food eats more, it is daily and normal to can affect the child instead food, if things go on like this is adverse to child health. Ms. Chen thinks, most beverage contains antiseptic and pigment, candy and biscuit can bring about tooth of children moth or any other insect that eats books and get angry. And a lot of food contain hormone now, besides a day of 3 eat, outside the yoghurt that the daughter likes particularly, take other provision to her rarely. Also a few parents express, regular meeting is connected to choose designation to have the food of nutrient composition in the supermarket, feel this kind of snacks is advantageous and harmless. Reporter old precious jade

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