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Walnut manna is crisp
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Advocate makings: Chengdu of flour, lotus

Burden: Egg, walnutmeat

Condiment: Bubble makes pink, saleratus, Ji Shifen, lardy, candy

The measure that make:
1, after flour, Ji Shifen, will lardy, bubble hits pink, candy, egg, saleratus to mix, mix dough.
2, distribute dough into small dose, the bag enters lotus Chengdu stuffing, rub is become elliptic, put in bake dish on, fluid of the egg on exterior besmear, brew walnutmeat.
3, bake into oven to golden color, can install dish of edible.

The key that make: Should notice to use folded method when knead dough, dough cannot energetically. Roast the furnace temperature when should have been controlled.

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