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6 kinds of astonishing beautiful body food
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◎ chocolate---Easy sees pressure

With chocolate thin body? Won't! The chocolate of a 50g piece, have 280 kilocalorie quantity of heat! But Sherry tells you, actually, the cocoa that contains in chocolate (Theobroma) component, not only OK and slow pressure, and the contented sense that can give you happiness, be in anteprandial the chocolate that eats little, can decrease to eat an amount prandially; But the chocolate that more than half cannot eat inside a day piece, cannot eat ooze to other matchs more

The chocolate of makings (for example: Fruit of earthnut, diversiform nucleus, because this kind of chocolate is caloric talent is truly high) , and besides anteprandial eat a bit chocolate, the time of other, can not eat! Might as well execute 4-5 day with this kind of method, see thin effect how!

◎ grape seed is oily---Fight ageing the first

Read this report, you eat grape grape to also may be hated to part with again spit again child! Besides a few high-grade maintain article, emphasize grapestone oil (phenolic) can fight consenescence besides, will look from zoology and environmental protection, grapestone oil also is same bar, because it is vinous by-product, also be flax benevolence oleic acid (LinoleicAcid) one of main source. Flax benevolence oleic acid is mixed main component that flax benevolence oleic acid is film of cell of human human body, human body cannot make by oneself, can obtain from inside the plant only. And grapestone oil needs antiseptic far from, because itself contains extremely tall vitamin E (80mg~120mg/100g) will act as antioxidant.

Grapestone is oily besides can make a belle beautiful for a long time outside, scientific research also points out the fact with interesting other at the same time, after adjusting the element of the age, value of intentional dirty disease, hypertensive, diabetic the relevant medicaments that reachs them, angry, blue, low HDL and the person that rule sexual character relatively may impotent, when HDL so the value is reduced when, impotent machine rate can rise.

◎ olive oil---Natural fall blood pressure medicine

Like to eat Greek and Italy, meridional cate? Want thin faster? Try Mediterranean food way how? Actually, everybody knows olive oil also is contained multivariate not full combine fatty acid, in human body they need in a lot of uninterrupted metabolic function, the research report with American Reuter newest basis points out, content of these two kinds of indispensible fatty acid in the food of person of major North America is insufficient, modern food is machined, cook means can damage them or change them harmful human body even " invert " fatty acid (artificial complex often is inverting structural material, harmful human body) .

The heart disease that amount to 1000 people with the number according to Helsinki and Framingham area for years discovers in research, the heart disease risk that every increase the HDL of 1% to be able to reach 3%~4% is led. More important fact is, the person with too low HDL is heart blood-vessel disease is potential a group of things with common features group. The dosage that adds olive oil in food is helpful to hypertensive patient, can reduce them fall the dosage of blood pressure medicine, even some of patient need not be taken again accordingly fall blood pressure medicine, according to past research, the much green vegetables of Mediterranean type, the recuperation method of much olive oil still can prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, cancer and senile memory are lost.
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