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Yoke of sweetened bean taste is crisp
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Advocate makings: Sand of flour, butter, candy, salty yoke, ormosia, egg

Burden: Sodium bicarbonate, maltose, condensed milk, oily

The measure that make:
1, the agitate in container of egg, candy, butter, condensed milk, maltose buy dissolves to candy.
2, the soda, oily, egg, candy after dissolving is joined in flour, with blend folding means to knead divide evenly.
3, the bag in stuffing of every red sweetened bean taste enters a salty yoke, heart of stuffing of rub help sb to attain his aim.
4, the agent below dough enters stuffing heart by flat bag, rub becomes Chinese olive entity, after finalizing the design into the mould, take out.
5, express and brush on egg fluid enters oven, bake make maturity can.

The key that make: When the group that move pink, cannot energetically, want to use folding method.

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