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Chicken yam small banger
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The good friend lets my teaching do a few to suit the fleshy course that the child takes to her, this thing is told to me, still be really " make sb do sth entirely beyond him " , our home does not have the child, what I also had never taken care children is dietary how should do, nevertheless, the good friend's requirement, still get those who act accordingly hard to breath out, learn to drill now now so a carnivorous that suits child edible (of course, become the word that takes to adult, more be no problem) , more healthy, simple, here is shared together with everybody.

The thing that does quite for long before, forget come on hair, I still am being used in those days do not stick boiler.

Practice: 1) prepare data: The yam of small size, unripe gallinaceous brisket, cut little place.

2) yam is thoroughlied cook, flay, cut place, follow chicken one case, put in mixer to mash mud, or, also can come with the knife manual chop becomes mud.

3) mash or in the chicken yam mud of chop, add a starch, salt and little rinse, agitate divide evenly. Note: If be the word that takes to lesser child, do not put salt. If if be to give big child to perhaps Your Excellency,eating, so, besides salt, OK still the taste that the basis likes, add an other flavoring to add flavor.

4) do not stick boiler to heat up a few oil, the model that rub of fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit becomes small banger, put frying pan.

5) all sides of small banger decoct becomes angry, ripe when, give boiler can. Can eat directly, also can dip in a ketchup eat.

Head of my home pig is in the home, urging all the time should go out to play, write ran rapidly, hey.

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