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The sheep is suckled -- healthy and beautiful new style
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Grandma food has milk, mare's milk, goat grandma. In Euramerican country sheep the grandma is regarded as the high-quality goods in milkings, call " the noble is suckled " . International nutrition academia praise for " the king in the grandma " . Jin Shilin of committee member of committee of experts of former China of international milkings federation is in " anthology of science and technology of Jin Shilin milkings " in: Xiang? is put in drug-store and supermarket sale in American goat grandma... from the point of whole world limits, goat breast is in whole milk kind in the tendency that has rapid development... "
㈠ not the smell of mutton not igneous scent Hua Shuang
As the application of the technology that take off the smell of mutton, the sheep that take off the smell of mutton suckles scent happy person. Tibetan cure is classical " 4 cure are in charge of " account ∶ " goat grandma, grandma sex is cool, can decide asthma to treat irritated thirsty; " " a book on Chinese medicine of preserve one's health of be handed down from ancient times " carry: flavour of sex of? of beach of cellar Ling goblet is gentle, all avoid that do not have place; " " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " carry ∶ " ovine breast Gan Wen, but moisten the respiratory tract treats aphtha; " motherland medicine thinks, aphtha person, cheng Ye of real showing tremendous enthusiasm of the three visceral cavities housing the internal organs. " equipment is urgent square " carry: "Treat children aphtha, ovine breast is fine in fine drop mouth; " the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns is complexity science, not be simple,
" Chinese cordial " carry: "Goat grandma, effect advocate method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises a stomach, fall fire is alexipharmic, essence of filling kidney beneficial, embellish bowel is aperient. Treat retch queasy, the look is weary force, chronic nephritis, defecate is dry constipate. Can use at tuberculosis, urgent chronic gastritis, the disease such as esophagus cancer. Medicable stomatitis, dermatitis of certain contact sex is waited a moment.
Media reported Zhengzhou zoo on June 25, 2004 4 young tigers, 5 young lion are born half moon meets with mother " abandon " , the staff member suckles elaborate feed with the goat. Tropics of media coverage Hainan is wild on May 8, 2005 two lion tiger animal with rare precious of vivid arboretum world young cub, rely on to suckle feed with the goat artificially... Vicki of British medicine home Dr. Aijisen is in • " Yo of food doctor • nutrient guideline " in ∶ " in all animal grandmas, the molecular structure that the goat suckles is the as most similar as mother milk, adipose in content of not saturated fatty acid is high, can prevent eczema and other rash, the development that the goat suckles is a kind of huge improvement to health, also because of this, we ability is such praise highly it... "
㈡ sheep grandma drinks a beauty to come
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