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Filling head folk prescription
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Walnut Chinese all along thinks walnut is filling head beautiful is tasted, the person that imperial examinations joins to take an exam when Sui Tang eats walnut with respect to be current. Walnut contains extremely rich linoleic acid, can help cerebral ministry blood expedite.

Sesame seed sesame seed suffers praise highly fully in doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist school qigong, it is not only improve encephalon nerval efficiency, still have the effect such as expedite blood.

The important part of soya bean soya bean is bravery salty medium lecithin, make the matter that cerebral ministry remembers and raw material namely.

Spinach spinach contains a kind of very important vitamin: Folic acid.

Banana banana can provide cheese ammonia sick at heart to cerebrum, make a person energetic, attention concentration, mind is stable, creativity rises.

Coffee caffein conduce is life-giving, stimulate the activity of central nervous, your head cell becomes active, rise ponder over force.

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