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10 kinds of the most healthy cate
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Want to maintain healthy life? Absorb proper nutrition to be able to do get! Include the provision of nutrition of first-rate of 10 kinds of modern such as the tomato, the green tea that loves by our country people also a list of names posted up on scene; Notable is, the potato that is regarded as staple food by western personage, white bread and plain cooked rice right healthy have negative effect, the proposal decreases absorb.
Multinomial research and development discovers the Lycopene element with embedded tomato, can decrease considerably have the machine rate that photographs the cancer such as the cancer that protect gland, in the process that boils in boil, lycopene element can be released naturally, unripe feed very good also, it is first-rate vitaminic C origin.
The 2nd it is spinach, contain a lot ofthe iron of abundant fact and vitaminic B, disease of respect of blood-vessel of can effective prophylaxis and treatment, can prevent blind eye disease, a cup of spinach has 41 calorie only, do not have quantity of heat completely, the lady that loves the United States can set her mind at edible.
The 3rd it is nut, it can improve good cholesterol not only, can reduce the fat of 3 acerbity glycerine in blood, it is the optimal recipe that prevents heart disease, it is earthnut or almond fruit no matter, it is good choice, what want an attention exclusively is, edible current affairs is necessary and right amount, must not excessive edible.
The 4th broccoli is beautiful, multinomial research points out, coconut cauliflower contains a lot ofcarotene and vitaminic C, cauliflower of long-term edible coco can reduce the machine of cancer having breed, rectum cancer and cancer of the stomach to lead, first-rate edible respect is, what exert all his strength after simple and easy cook is masticatory, chinese cabbage, bean sprouts also is right choice.
The 5th it is oaten, everyday edible is oaten and OK reduce cholesterol, consider to discover, oaten also can reduce blood pressure, the rich fiber that it contains can make the person has the feeling of full abdomen very quickly, can decrease so absorb the food with fat other, achieve the goal that controls weight.
The 6th it is salmon, often edible can prevent hemal block, have research discovery even, the Omega that salmon contains - 3s component can protect cerebral ministry ageing, precautionary old person is gawkish wait for a disease.
The 7th it is garlic, although had garlic ′ opening,gas ′ makes a person retreat to avoid a conflict, but the function that garlic has disease of admirable heart of prevention and cure however, can reduce cholesterol not only, have the effectiveness of clear blood, antiseptic function also suffers Jian of scientist strong thrust fully.
The 8th it is strawberry, extremely tall antioxidant is had in all vegetables and fruits, besides can prevent heart disease and cancer, and can promotional mental.
The 9th it is the green tea that loves by our country people, consider to discover, often drinkable green tea can prevent cancer, everyday the machine rate that edible green tea has cancer of cancer of the stomach, esophagus and liver cancer is inferior, japanese research also discovers, drink 10 cups of green tea everyday, can reduce the risk that contracts heart disease.
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