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The Wu Nong before factory of all places fermented bean curd is driven door walk
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A few days ago, before the happy event of chili of more than mus of 200 country of two villages obtains small stream of Wu Xiangshou brook, slender and delicate bumper harvest. Arrive to stop at present, of chili base average mu of income that cast carry out more than yuan 800, it is better to cultivate already amounted to every mus 1500 yuan. The villager people say in succession, this relies on the help of government of the Wu Xiang before factory of all places fermented bean curd is mixed and guidance completely, it is they brought rich hope for everybody.

Two villages are located in brook of birthday brook, slender and delicate my county western a mountainous area, the farmer that this two villages are engaged in pure agriculture is decreased below accrual in last few years, the family is relatively impoverished. Take off the road that deficient becomes rich to make these villagers walk up, wu Xiang is before on the foundation of sufficient survey, the decision helps this two villages build base of chili of high mountain vegetable, take order form, with Pu Jiang factory of fermented bean curd of prefectural all places signed contract of purchase and sale, walked up " enterprise 10 base 10 farmer " agricultural industrialization produces pattern, solved villager trouble back at home.

At the beginning of this year, below government of advanced Wu Xiang and the guidance of concerned branch, village of brook of birthday brook, slender and delicate two appoint on the foundation that starts in conduct propaganda, adopt to base unified and free for planting, unified technology grooms, unified help advance somebody's career to manage and consolidate the measure such as tie up sale, the member that factory of all places fermented bean curd often also is sent undertakes guidance, make base of more than 200 mus of chili obtained bumper harvest of high grade high yield.

Expand chili production to encourage farmer, close paragraph of time, every other of factory of all places fermented bean curd 5 - chili is bought toward two villages before person specially assigned for a task of 6 days of groups. Buy valence to be every kilograms 2 yuan, exceed a contract to protect value every kilograms one times 1 yuan, of course, bought chili quality requirement is taller. Factory director Wu Zhou says surely, want to be on the base that has picked high grade seed only, accomplish proper rare establish, use scientific fertilization to defend the measure such as ill worm, can produce a high grade chili. Had production of high grade raw material ability to give high grade product, in order to ensure the fame of all places fermented bean curd. With him the process capability with current plant and market sale foreground are analysed, now, should buy at least everyday 10 - 20 tons chili. For this, he hopes local rural area can start farmer to cultivate further, in the meantime, also hope my county other cultivates the place of chili aptly, get in touch with this factory as soon as possible, sign order, plant hot pepper in order to launch farmer scale, implementation farmer is added those who close to develop with the enterprise is double win an objective.
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