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Blessing faces door edible fat factory price to reduce 10%
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Food group division issues edible oily brand in " blessing faces the door " announce external towards evening yesterday, reduce edible fat producer price 10% , the limits that move price involves the mainstream variety such as soybean oil, blend oil.

Blessing faces Zhang Weidong of director of retail sales field to introduce, "This attune begins to begin to prepare before value company in-house a week, arrive all the time ability is final today give an official comes down. " Zhang Weidong expresses, depreciating basically is to be affected by international grease wave motion, begin international grease wave motion to be compared all the time from last year big, at present blessing faces the door to reduce producer price to also can hold normal gain.

As we have learned, at the beginning of this year July, blessing faces a producer price to already had reduce, if 5 litres install peanut oil to adjust 90 yuan by 118 yuan, but involve the partial essay such as peanut oil to plant only, and this second depreciate involved oil of edible of breed of subordinate and all mainstream, and equal in value case returns corn oil, sunflower seed oil to decide not finally.

"Predict from production the enterprise arrives distribute channel, jobber, sell a time that needs a week possibly to terminal finally. " Zhang Weidong says. Was in Beijing recently each big supermarket discovery, case of oil price of many brands edible all has reduce, the biggest fall already exceeded 20% , buy give sales promotion activity to also increase somewhat, and the citizen is opposite to depreciating reaction quiet, do not have the phenomenon of occurrence scare buying.

This Zhou Si, fish of dragon of gold of edible oily brand announces to reduce producer price, extent is in 10% above. Lu Hua of oily brand of another big edible, did not make a specification to whether adjusting factory price yesterday.


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