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2 trade groups of Beijing: New one batch flavors product development is finished
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2 trade group organizations of Beijing held job of research and development of new July product to advance meeting, have a batch of originality again distinctive, design the novel, new product development that has perspective of very good market is finished. Product of series of dressing of series of albumen of the 6 element fried bean sauce that rank a company surely, soja, shrimp sauce, the vinegar of Jia Qing tribute of Wangzhi and company, sweet rice vinegar, low salt does not have sucrose fermented bean curd, Chinese cabbage hot fermented bean curd, head brigade offers soy vinegar only, cake of the golden brick biscuit of palace cheek government office, new pale blue and pack, the five spices of 5 flesh couplet takes off bone braised chicken, the product such as the chorion pink of birds egg company got attend the meeting of personnel reputably.

Group requirement each unit: It is to want to develop train of thought of research and development ceaselessly, the to the letter of plan of new product research and development that drafts according to the beginning of the year clutchs advance fulfil; 2 it is to want to capture an Olympic Games closely business chance and coming National Day sells busy season mid-autumn, had made new product appear on the market promotion works, raise the contribution that new product develops to group industry to lead; 3 it is to should make full use of advantage of resource of group scientific research, strengthen tie of division look forward to, research and development of stimulative company new product works.


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