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Flavor essence medium and small businesses is conservative " hibernate "
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Change as a result of weather this year bigger, the line of business of plant of flavor plant species of our country got bigger impact, crop relatively the fall that in former years has different rate, cause raw material market to supply insecurity; Buy the price to be in perch, those who increase the manufacturing cost such as carriage cost is elevatory, make of flavor essence in minor production company bears enormous price pressure, predicting shipment price can have the sign that rise. But shipment is at present normal, return the phenomenon that rises considerably without occurrence price. Company of flavor essence production all is in wait-and-see in, manufacturer states the enterprise all is in " hibernate " .
Although be in now " hibernate " period, but, numerous flavor essence medium and small businesses shows hopeful attitude generally to current condition, think this kind of condition won't last too long, the expert predicts the spring of flavor essence medium and small businesses won't be distant. Origin: Newspaper of Chinese food quality

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