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Korea is the biggest food company " allied " the Great Northern Wilderness estab
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Afterwards hand in hand after 2 trade groups of Beijing, the food company with the biggest Korea hopes outstanding company marchs once more Chinese market. On August 11, xijiedi company of one refine sugar and group of Heilongjiang the Great Northern Wilderness hand in hand, a cereal held water to machine joint-stock company in Harbin.

According to introducing, joint-stock company name is " the Great Northern Wilderness hopes outstanding food science and technology is finite liability company " (abbreviation the Great Northern Wilderness hopes outstanding) , always invest 200 million yuan, group of the Great Northern Wilderness is occupied 51% , one refine sugar occupies Xijiedi 49% , the You Xijie of main high level such as company general manager, CFO appoint of the first refine sugar. According to general manager of Inc. of agriculture of the Great Northern Wilderness Xi He bank introduces, the Great Northern Wilderness hopes outstanding the development that will devote oneself to oil of rice bran albumen, rice bran and sale of prandial fibrous production and relevant develop produce is used, produce per year a quantity to predict to amount to 14000 tons.

Group of the Great Northern Wilderness is company of the Asia's biggest grain production treatment, asset dimensions amounts to 6.4 billion dollar, year sale is as high as 4 billion dollar.

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