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Drink of happy, Dong Jin helps the wife security of force Olympic Games
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As drew near of Beijing Olympic Games increasingly 2008, shanghai regards Beijing as the Olympic Games assist the competion area outside handling city and capital, be about to greet the athletic good athlete of each country, staff member and audience. Their safety in Shanghai and whether come true finally " restful Olympic Games " target, load all the shoulder in policemen of broad public security to go up. To express the support that works to Olympic Games security, on August 1, limited company of Shanghai madam happy food and limited company of Shanghai Dong Jin drink are joint to Shanghai fine free of the public security bureau that decide an area gives a batch of value 100 thousand yuan " Rijiaman " and " charming source " compound battalion raise group of beverage, express sympathy and solicitude for with stating to the public security policemens that load task of Olympic Games security devoir is mixed.

The near future, when in the people of the whole country ceaseless emerge in large numbers shares the passion of Olympic Games, support Olympic Games, chinese enterprise also is conveying their support to Beijing Olympic Games and attention with his means. The gentleman in honor of general manager of limited company of Shanghai madam happy food says: "The calamity of southern heavy snow in the beginning of the year and the short of Wenshui River of 5.12 plain earth epicenter, we " Rijiaman " in the hand that beverage sent local policeman, public security policemen and liberation army troop personally, the job providing disaster relief that is place provided the help of in one's power. Work of security of at present Olympic Games has entered key period, we hope ' Rijiaman ' and ' charming source ' beverage also can be in this for the battle the public security policemens of security work front are compensatory energy, yield the success that they can ensure with more abundant energy, fuller spirit Olympic Games security works. Yield the success that they can ensure with more abundant energy, fuller spirit Olympic Games security works..

Mr Xu Xingsheng shows general manager of limited company of Shanghai Dong Jin drink, "Rijiaman " pull that 3 big compound nutrition by amino acid, vitamin, melon group make up and become, supply 8 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid, achieve then alleviate human body is fatigue, enhance the effect of immune force. And " charming source " contain a lot ofan entrance C of albumen of deep-sea fish collagen, vitamin and calcium of L- lactic acid, can undertake to human body depth is recuperated. the public security policemen that loads heavy job job to be during the Olympic Games accordingly, "Rijiaman " and " charming source " can complement quickly for them mental, physical strength and energy, arrive since life-giving wake the head, action that fights exhaustion, let policemens can ensure better thereby of task of Olympic Games security finish satisfactorily.
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