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Lotus gourmet powder issues clear announcement in the light of the problem such
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6 days, henan lotus gourmet powder (600186 prices, love, information) Inc. issues clear announcement, wait for report and computational mistake to put forward to clarify about income of money of this company Zhang, individual month to media of near future part.

The near future, appeared to make a report say about Henan lotus gourmet powder in partial media: "What receivable Zhang money and sales revenue show is unreasonable ' the rule ' , make a person right impeach of its data authenticity. " " this product business income was 1-6 month 2007 1.342 billion yuan, operating costs 1.225 billion yuan, wool interest rate is 8.74% . Press this computation, 2007 7-12 month, although the business income of this product is 285 million yuan only, but wool interest rate is as high as 62.87% " , "Appear interest rate of this kind of wool and income circumstance fluctuate year of presence is tremendous the circumstance of difference makes a person be surprised. " be aimed at afore-mentioned reports, after Inc. of Henan lotus gourmet powder is analysed, think concerned media is right the data that offers about the problem such as income of money of this company Zhang, individual month is a mistake. This company says, the proportion that the company produces bad Zhang actually in recent years is less, the scale that takes receivable Zhang money is less than 1% ; Because the company implemented policy of the capital end the shop, amount of receivable Zhang money is larger, according to careful sex principle, the company presses the scale of 5% to the receivable Zhang money of 1 year of less than plan carry bad Zhang preparation, plan the scale that raises scale to produce bad Zhang actually more than far. This company from October 1, 2007 only then, right plan the method that promotes bad Zhang preparation by original by receivable money remaining sum 5% plan carry instead to press Zhang age to analyse methodological plan to carry, already passed resolution of shareholder plenary meeting.


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