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Olive oil changes average oily old font size is rolled out " renown course is ne
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Begin from 18 days, beijing citizen can feed 11 the group is subordinate old names in Hua Tianyin, taste savor to replace 18 when common edible oil cooks classical name dish with olive oil.

This week, barbecue as if, below the division of Hua Tian group such as wineshop of barbecue season, delicate eyebrows 11 old names, together company of ancient boat oil is rolled out with " acclaim for Beijing, cheer for health, course of old name name is new sample " thematic activity. The olive oil that these old names roll out cooks dish to taste, include roast meat as if anxious the needle of acerbity hot abdomen that fries wine shop of beef, Qu Yuan, another suitable cashew shrimp the riches and honour of ball, Tong Chunyuan pair the carry on that eats restaurant of shrimp, delicate eyebrows child a photograph of whole family that holothurian, arenaceous boiler resides, be the same as and reside. Controller of China day group expresses, old name pays close attention to the change of raw material market all the time, many old names had begun to study olive oil tastes medium application in traditional dish.

Nevertheless, characteristic of traditional, pure old name local color, whether can be taste changed after adding olive oil? Tong Jianguo of Great Master of division commander of hutch of grand guest building, cooking says, the food that cooks with olive oil is tasted, carry the pure and fresh scent with peculiar olive oil slightly, sweet to the nutrition that dish tastes, delicacy, colour and lustre is a kind of promotion, "Dish is tasted the meeting is more delicious " .


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