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Install surely peppery export the United States first
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A few days ago, the development of agriculture of Hainan change sea that v/arc be on the throne brings district of garden of tower mountain industry at deciding sees in limited company workshop, this company staff busy move is packed what just had machined is peppery. This batch nearly 50 tons peppery will export the United States. It is reported, this is to be installed surely peppery export the United States first.

Hainan comes a few years all the time craft of tradition of continue to use produces Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, the Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants that treatment comes out is hard to reach the level with Euramerican exit. As we have learned, install a county to cultivate many mus 10 thousand surely peppery, but all the time since this county is peppery very bad outcome.

Bring peppery difficult export surely to defeat solution the bottleneck of Euramerican and other places, install government of county Party committee, county to be passed hard surely, introduce peppery production to machine agriculture of sea of enterprise Hainan change to develop garden of industry of mountain of tower of limited company settle, and this year in April put into production. This company controller tells a reporter, to change peppery treatment pattern, company besides introducing new facility, still adopted running water to rinse the method with vapour drying on treatment craft, those who make production comes out is peppery without the stink, reach the level with Euramerican exit. This company uses new technology treatment is peppery a few months come, already exported to American and other places peppery 500 tons. At present this company besides buy install and other places surely peppery outside, still buy to and other places of prosperous of sea fining jade, article peppery undertake machining.


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