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Market of Japan of push forward of Shanxi old mature vinegar
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Shanxi old mature vinegar relies on excellent quality to infiltrate Japanese market.

Limited company of science and technology of Lai Fusheng content is aimed at Shanxi gold vinegar benzoic acid of easy generation of the raw material of Shanxi old mature vinegar and manufacturing process sodium composition, do not accord with Japanese provision level to ask this one difficult problem, brainpower passes research exploration of nearly one year, captured eventually this one difficult problem, successful production gives the Shanxi old mature vinegar that accords with Japanese requirement, infiltrate smoothly Japanese market.

In the meantime, this company also is on the foundation that takes flower of craft of Shanxi old mature vinegar, 結 combines technology of contemporary and advanced brew, be in a faint scent of flavour of 紅 of coloured lustre palm, character is strong stiff ferment acid of thick, sweet continous is sweet flavor it is good, good to jump over Chen Yue not degenerative in the old mature vinegar that waits for the characteristic that pass 統, development production gives all sorts of acetic 飲 makings to wait, catered to the need of overseas market, make product of Shanxi old mature vinegar exports ten nations such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, Korea, United States.


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