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Henry family name: Cite RPC packs bottle to when ketchup is designed, still cut
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Henry family name (Heinz) food company chooses what design of range of products of RPC new-style ketchup gives vogue to cut off the gender packs bottle.

The affiliation of ketchup of curry of henry family name and chili curry ketchup makes chips, banger, italian face or sandwich fastfood or prandial have special delicate. Even if simple noodle can turn the Italy that has curry local color into the face immediately, do not need to add additive, artificial coloring agent or antiseptic.

PC Kutenholz packed bottle to cost a large number of energy to come to design this innovation 700ml to blow model to shape, its design makes inside outfit product is used each drops by consumer, include to remain to assemble the product of bottle head in the bag.

This bottles of absorbing exterior includes slender curve and outside adornment. Because pack the oxygen vapour lock of bottle to separate the protective function of function, make what it maintains ketchup in internal energy of product expiration period superexcellent and delicate.

Department of the development of company of henry family name that pack is in charge of Guus Lueb also so review course: "The job that RPC devotes oneself to to develop new-style bag bottle is very successful, make consumer can enjoy a hot summer! Make consumer can enjoy a hot summer!!


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