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Xinjiang enterprise takes brand seriously to register
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Liu Jian section chief still was aimed at the difficulty that exists at present and problem to offer a proposal, it is to ask a state industrial and commercial total bureau height takes brand seriously to register, the issue that ethical religion involves in the superintendency job such as advertisement conduct propaganda; 2 it is to suggest the country is industrial and commercial bureau of religion of total bureau and committee of national people general affairs, country builds connection system, in all business is on guard measure, consider to the issue of ethical religion is involved on the market, master trends, listen to each district opinion, rationalize solves contradiction.
Additional all, in August the first ten days of a month, the country is industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau brand is examined everywhere group of Gong Jianzhong section chief arrives Xinjiang survey, mohammedan construction is involved in survey group group is registered with respect to brand and be being used committee of the problem such as name of character of language of religion of graph, minority, Mohammedan festival and the character that abstain from daily, graph and municipal nation general affairs had special subject survey and have an informal discussion.


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