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Xinjiang enterprise takes brand seriously to register
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As rapid development of economy, the brand of our country registers application to measure in successive years to grow substantially, 2002~2006 year average and annual grow 100 thousand, achieved 708 thousand 2007, the brand of our country registers application quantity to reside the world 6 years continuously the first. 2007, the our country brand that appoints through Madrid system applies for to achieve 16676, our country has become the state of Madrid brand alliance with most brand be designationed 3 years continuously. These explained our country opens to the outside world of degree enlarge the development with economy.
Xinjiang industrial and commercial bureau popularizes strength through increasing the conduct propaganda of knowledge of trademark law law, improved the knowledge of trademark law law of manufacturing operator greatly, make the brand consciousness of whole society increases ceaselessly, brand job obtained great progress. 2007, the registered trade mark of Xinjiang applies for a quantity to achieve 6759, achieve the history new tall, grow 12.3 than 1997 times. Quantity of application of registered trade mark is in whole area with annual the level of 20% increases by degrees. Current, effective registered trade mark reachs Xinjiang accumulative total 24 thousand, the label that contains ethical region distinguishing feature especially registers application to measure year after year to rise, industrial and commercial to the country bureau of total bureau brand examines the job to involve decency of society of be a hindrance to in brand, contain nation, religion to discriminate against content, have caustic nation honor, damaged the problem such as national dignity and national interest to raise higher level and requirement.
Near future of Liu Jian of section chief of department of economy of committee of general affairs of nation of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is packed with respect to commodity, the issue that ethical religion involves in brand and advertisement did special subject to report. He says: "Happen in my area brand to register in recent years, in advertisement conduct propaganda ' A is tensile ' , ' Nuoluzi ' , ' a plucked stringed instrument ' wait for 8 when involve ethical religion sensitive, typical example, broad masses very be deeply concerned, government of Party committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, people also takes seriously highly. Whole area Party Committee of all levels, government and concerned branch takes action quickly, step is strong, in step, solved afore-mentioned problems in time, satisfactorily. The ethical religion policy that this showed to branch of Party Committee of all levels, government, each function can carry out party and country correctly, it is highest interest with masses interest, was measure with masses satisfaction, safeguarded the rights and interests of minority masses thereby, ensured one party is stable. Ensured one party is stable..
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